Painting Process for MAGICSKIN-NANO FILM:

Plastic & Paint Surface Cleaner AC 710

GOX 7 pretreatment and surface preparation offers an extensive line of cleaning and degreaser solution to your painting surface preparation. GOX 7's AC 710 Surface Cleaner & Degreaser is a fast acting, industrial strength cleaner containing zero ozone depleting potential. It is a high performance, non-chlorinated product designed to remove grease, oil, wax, road tar, dust, dirt, grime, silicone, carbon residues, industrial soils from any surface generally encountered in automotive and industrial parts.

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MagicSkin-Nano Film GX 76 Series

Introducing the all new Gox7 MagicSkin-Nano Film. A total solution for your refurbish project. Nano Film not just Peelable!!! Now you can experience the well protection & translucent colors from Gox7 MagicSkin-Nano Film. Another innovative product from Gox7 Team.

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