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Automotive Camouflage Color is a Hybrid Technology of acrylic system brings you ultimate Protection for your valued vehicle, with Refinishing work made easy, anytime, anyway, with your own creative idea and design as well as Re-styling your vehicle to reflects the current design trends with always new and fashionable colors.
All camouflage colors are formulated to its satin and matt effect with excellent durability and to withstand corrosion, rust, and chemicals while resisting chipping, cracking and fading. 

Product Information
400ml per can in 12cans per box.

Features / Benefits
> Premium automotive camouflage color paint with satin and matt effect.

> This track-tested formula is ideal for use on Sport Rim/Wheel Coating project, Metal & Plastic Engine Cover Coating project, Interior & Exterior Plastic Parts, as well as Automotive Trimming project.

> Fast drying with excellent corrosion prevention and prevent chipping, cracking and peeling.


AT-7705 Camo Golden Sand

AT-7706 Camo Khaki Brown

AT-7707 Camo Smoke Grey

AT-7708 Camo Army Green

AT-7709 Camo Rimba Green

*The appearance of these colours may vary, please refer actual colour chart.

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